Spa & Salon Interior - Joby Joseph


Joby Joseph Interior Design also undertakes turnkey projects in spa and salon interiors. He works with the client in re-configuring an existing design, changing an existing setup and adding new design elements. Contact us if you feel your current design and theme is not attracting customers. We have plenty of design innovations and solutions that can help bring about a productive change. We can work on the best design for your spa and salon. We begin by creating the right floor plan for your spa and salon interiors.

With Bangalore known as the ‘Fashion Capital’ of India, the emphasis on health and beauty have prompted the growth of spas and wellness centers across the city. Their interiors create an ambiance of rest and relaxation that enhances the overall spa experience. Joby Joseph understands the need for spas to reflect design sensibilities that match with the experience they provide, catering to well-heeled people who have traveled the globe.

  • Designing the interiors of a spa require an astute sense of aesthetics and creative adaptability, unlike other residential and commercial spaces.
  • Spas provide a holistic health experience, and their interiors need a different design approach, to inspire customers and enhance wellness
  • IDC has Joby’s deep knowledge in the technicalities of designing fully functional spas, with well-defined interiors that enhance the positive experience and helps to brand the space.
  • Our design consultancy at a ‘Cost Constraint’ option, where our designs can be executed by a third party
Luxury Interior Designer in Bangalore - Joby Joseph