Office Remodeling - Joby Joseph

Office design has become inventive and creative, and office remodeling even more so. With startups and small businesses increasingly leasing and renting spaces, there is a very real need to remodel existing office spaces to suit new requirements within reasonable budgets, without compromising on design and decor.

Joby’s previous experience with reputed brands in India and abroad, including IBM, Microsoft, Bosch and Accenture ensures that his expertise goes into creating unique, innovative and creative workspaces.

  • With businesses increasingly looking for creative, innovative spaces, creating a new ambiance within an old one requires a sound design strategy and clever interior decor
  • Small office renovations come with their budgetary constraints, something that many designers are unable to work with
  • Backed by considerable experience, we undertake projects, both simple and complex, based on our capabilities and ability to deliver
  • Your office remodeling can be done under our ‘Cost Constraint’ option, with you executing our designs
Luxury Interior Designer in Bangalore - Joby Joseph